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Game Changing, Money Saving

£ Saving

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Find the Most Cost Effective Way of Becoming Sustainable

Our 1st-of-it's-kind tracking technology, and footprint calculation system, enable us to create the ECOZE cost efficiency unit. Therefore, our platform can guide you along the most cost effective route for achieving your desired carbon footprint. 

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ECOZE Cost Efficiency Unit

𝜀 = ECOZE Cost Efficiency Unit

gCO₂e = Grams of CO₂ Equivalent

Save the



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Pure £ Saving

Sustainability meets savvy spending. By combining shared spending behaviours with our rich product insights, we're redefining money-saving for the eco-conscious consumer.

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Economical Insights: With our data-driven analysis, find out the true cost-per-use for products. This way, you're not just spending less, you're spending smarter.

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Rewards: As you make sustainable choices and refine your carbon footprint, unlock exclusive offers and valuable rewards.

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Earn rewards for making a positive impact on your carbon footprint. Obtain these when reaching an improved ecoScore tier or a high ranking on a leaderboard.

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Enjoy significant discounts on eco-friendly products when you reach a new ecoScore tier.

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Secure free prizes when you achieve higher rankings on leaderboards. The higher your ranking, the more valuable the prize.

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