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eco Tracker

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Tracking Methods

Discover the tools we use to provide a comprehensive look at your carbon footprint – from what you buy to how you travel.

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Automated Ease: Seamlessly track your daily actions, no extra effort needed.

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Starting Point: We log activities that improve your footprint calculation, beginning from the initial Average rating. 

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All-Around Coverage: Whether you're dining out, shopping, or commuting, we've got you covered.

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Travel smarter with our intuitive tools. With your permission we can automatically detect your mode of transport and calculate its carbon impact.

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Multi-Mode Detection: Whether you're cycling, taking the tram, or hopping on a bus, our system recognises it all.

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Ride Sharing: Elevate your eco-journey by adding ride sharers – maximise your GHG savings.

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Vehicle Specifics: Register your vehicle details for tailored, accurate carbon footprint insights.

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Elevate your shopping experience. Every purchase you make provides insight into its environmental impact, helping you make even greener choices over time.

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Instant Awareness: As you shop, see the immediate carbon effect of your purchases.

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Foundational Knowledge: By tracking your buys, you're set to understand their environmental implications and refine your future choices.