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Vibrant forest representing ECOZE carbon footprint reduction impact.

The Planet's Most Powerful 
Carbon Footprint Tracker

Take control of your environmental impact and drive global sustainability, one action at a time.

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Empowering Your Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Icon illustrating comprehensive carbon footprint coverage by ECOZE.

Full Footprint View

Track your complete footprint, from daily travel to every purchase.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Count on us for the most accurate footprint insights available.

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Rewards & Recognition

Collect badges and earn rewards for your eco-friendly actions.

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Green Choices Made Easy

Receive extensive guidance to better choices for a thriving Earth.

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Celebrate green wins with optional, friendly competitions.

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Connect, share, and grow with fellow eco-advocates in our network.

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How it Works

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Empower your eco-journey by easily capturing your daily environmental impact. Every choice and activity matters.

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Measure your progress with clear benchmarks. Gain insights, celebrate your eco-achievements, and see where you stand on a global scale.

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Enhance your green lifestyle with actionable suggestions tailored to your habits and preferences for a healthier planet.

Circular arrangement of green leaves on white, representing ECOZE's commitment to nature.


Record Your Sustainable Actions


Seamless Tracking: Record sustainable activities and purchases with an easy-to-use interface, offering a complete view of your footprint.


Personal Benchmarking: Set your environmental baseline and mark progress on your journey to sustainability.


Extensive Coverage: Capture a wide array of your activities — from travel choices to every purchase, enhancing the full scope of your carbon footprint.



Understand & Celebrate Your Sustainability


Green Comparisons: Gauge your impact against national and global eco-standards.


Sustainability Insights: Access in-depth footprint calculations for a diverse range of products and services.


Achievement Recognition: Earn badges, accumulate ecoPoints, and redeem them for gifts, rewards, or exclusive discounts as a reward for your dedication to sustainability.

Eco-themed backdrop with a ring of green leaves, reflecting sustainable values.


Advance Your Sustainable Lifestyle


Guided Changes: Harness practical advice for substantial green actions, helping you refine your daily habits and environmental impact.


Vast Database: Navigate our broad product library to make the most ecologically sound choices.


Smart Shopping List: Build and manage a sustainable shopping list with eco-friendly products tailored to your preferences and habits.