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Sam Linfield

CEO & Founder

"Before ECOZE, I tried to understand what impacts my numerous sustainability efforts were having, on my environmental footprint. Too often I would try to improve my actions and wondered what difference it was actually making.


It was frustrating, searching the depths of Google and multiple app stores, only to see apps with huge inaccuracies and lack of sufficient feedback. None are able to analyse what products I buy and which brands or retailers I support, among other important things. What impact does supporting sustainable companies and organisations have? How about a flexitarian diet and trialling vegetarian or vegan meals, purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products, buying second hand clothes, participating in a car share for work, using refill shops, sourcing locally…?


Along with others, I want to influence real change in brands and industry, all while doing my bit. Both are key to footprint reduction."

"So, I started ECOZE, enabling individuals like us to fully understand and reduce our footprints. "

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The Innovation Centre,
Broad Quay,
Bath, Somerset,

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