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Innovating Product Impact: ECOZE and Bristol MSc Data Scientists Take on Carbon Calculations

ECOZE is embarking on a pivotal project in collaboration with a dedicated team of MSc Data Science students from the University of Bristol. This challenging 60-credit unit project will play a crucial part in their degrees, as they contribute a substantial 600 hours each over three months, crafting innovative solutions that have real-world applications.

🛠️ Redefining Accuracy and Scope

We're undertaking an ambitious endeavour to elevate the accuracy of product carbon footprint calculations to a level never before achieved. With the students’ expertise, we seek to meticulously analyze and enhance over 150,000 products, covering every major UK supermarket and retailer within the ECOZE platform.

🚀 Unprecedented Precision in Product Emissions

This venture aligns with our relentless commitment to environmental sustainability; we're expanding our bedrock of data to fine-tune the accuracy that industry and consumers need for making informed decisions.

💼 Collaborative Breakthrough

With these data scientists, we're not just predicting environmental trends—we're setting them. Their tireless work will integrate new layers of data, evolving our system to provide unmatched insights into the carbon footprint of products. 

Join us on this journey of discovery and innovation as ECOZE and the students from the University of Bristol strive to make a lasting imprint on sustainable commerce.


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